At Experience Group, we take employee well-being very seriously. Over the past decade, we have been actively working on various initiatives within the local communities, looking after their welfare, educational, and health needs. For example, we have planned to open a 150-bed Hospital in Bangladesh specializing in women's and children's health care. The land has already been purchased.
On-Site Medical Facilities & Day Care Centre

A dedicated medical team is available at all Experience Group Facilities. With fully equipped medical examination rooms, we are well prepared to look after all our employees.

Bi-Annual Eye Camps for Examination and Treatment

At Experience Group, we continue to find ways to support our employees to the best of our abilities. When some employees complained about having problems with their eyes, we set up our eye-camp initiative, which now caters for all employees and their family members.

Cultural Club and Annual Cultural Show

At Experience Group, we embrace Bangladeshi culture. Therefore, we have developed a cultural club for our employees, where they can express their creativity. In addition, every year, we have a cultural show showcasing local dance, songs, and much more.

Training Centre for New Employees

Experience Group has a dedicated training centre to assist new employees within the garment and textile industry. We train employees in sewing, ironing and finishing. After the training period is complete, we offer employees a guaranteed job in one of our production facilities. The Training Centre ensures that all future employees are trained to Experience Group’s high standards.

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